Rush and Irina artwork

Voici la soluce version française de The Last Remnant, Avec pas à pas la quête principale. Remarquez que quelques quêtes secondaires sont incluses dans l'histoire principale, mais la plupart ne le sont pas. Regardez Quêtes and Guildes pour obtenir des détails sur ces aspects du jeu. Cette soluce cible où vous devez allez en détail, mais il vous dit aussi quoi faire. Si vous voulez une soluce détaillez alors cliquez sur les spoilers. Notez que cela montrera des détails en profondeurs du jeu et risque de vous spoiler l'histoire principale.

Important Message Icons Modifier

The Last Remnant's world is filled with chatty denizens. When you see a Talk icon above a character, it indicates that he/she can speak to Rush and offer general comments, opinions, or observations. If that Talk icon is highlighted in red, however, it indicates an "important message icon."

Talking to a character with a red-highlighted, important message icon can trigger a side quest, unlock a new location on the map, unlock a new area within a previously available location, or just impart important information. In this walkthrough, any character with an overhead icon is referred to as "highlighted." For example: "Talk to the highlighted Athlumian soldier to get an important summons from the Marquis." Remember: always talk to any highlighted character you meet!!

Quêtes secondairesModifier

As you progress through the game, you unlock a series of optional quests. To find and trigger these quests, explore town areas (especially pubs) and talk to highlighted townsfolk you meet. Some will ask favors of Rush. Each favor is a side quest and usually requires the completion of one or more tasks. Complete these tasks to earn rewards.

The Story Begins...Modifier

Interlude: AthlumModifier

Intruders in DillmoorModifier

On your ownModifier

The Battle in BlackdaleModifier

Through the ChasmModifier

Wagram and the Fiery IdolModifier

Congress in ElysionModifier

A Date with EmmaModifier

The Meeting in NagapurModifier

Stop the War - The Battle at the Nest of EaglesModifier

Time to Save IrinaModifier

Welcome to the Second DiskModifier

The Missing LeadersModifier

The Six BasesModifier

Catch the RunawayModifier

Meet the God EmperorModifier

Find an ArkModifier

The Final FightModifier